Flow - Just Livin'

Flow - Just Livin'
Florida Sunrise

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Lenny Cheats the Reaper!

We had almost given up hope, but this morning we had a most pleasant, exciting surprise! This is the plastic protective endcap from the neck of the guitar stand. Lenny loves chewing, but we hadn't noticed that was missing. We are so happy he is going to make it!

Monday, 10 August 2009

House Photos

_____________________Here are a few shots of the house we hope to buy. We love the screened lanai on the back, the large living room with the high ceilings, and the crown molding. It seems to be just the right size. There are 2 downsides - master bath only has a shower, and Jesse had hopes for a circle drive. We may be able to modify the drive, however, and I look forward to a hot tub on the lanai in the future! Best of all, Jesse's dad has already enlisted to help paint! Yay!

Get Well Wishes

So Busy!

It has been a somewhat eventful and chaotic 2 weeks since I last posted. We have been looking for a house (found one and now waiting on the bureaucrats), and poor Lenny the tuxedo kitty is in a life-threatening situation right now.

He has been sick for more than a month because he swallowed what looks like a button, or an eye from a stuffed toy and it is lodged in the ileum. If it could move just a fraction, he could pass it on through. So our bathroom is an infirmary at the moment, and we are running IV 3 times a day to keep him hydrated and force-feeding him blended cat food with mineral oil. We were thinking if he didn't pass it by today we would have to put him to sleep (surgery is $1500 and no guarantees that he wouldn't develop peritonitis or die in surgery), but last night he seemed improved, and I just couldn't do it. Today he ate on his own, but is still tired. He's lying on the lanai, watching the birds fly past and some kids playing on the playground. I asked the vet for another bag of ringers lactate, and so we're going to try a couple more days of treatment and see what happens. It's so difficult to see him lie around because he's such an active and playful cat.

I feel bad, too, for Jesse, because he really loves Lenny. He's been working really hard in this hot weather, in addition to househunting and worrying about the kitty, and I worry about him. I try not to worry, but those of you who know me personally know that's virtually impossible! I don't like to see those I love suffer in any way, and tend to fuss over them, sometimes to my own detriment. Sometimes I make myself stop and take a break. Yesterday I took a book down to the pool for an hour of "escape reading." That was nice.

My friend, Rhonda, and I have started reading The Kite Runner. A good story so far, and I've flagged several pages to discuss, but it's sad, emotional. Maybe it will have a happy ending. I'm having to exercise strong self-control to keep from reading the ending now.

I have been working on a proficiency in college writing, hoping to get out of taking a class, and it takes so much time - 4 essays of 2500 words each. I have ONE finished, and parts of the other 3. I have had to postpone - again! - my hopes for graduating in December. There are still 3 6-hour classes to take, as well as about 8 more proficiencies. The professor from my last class mentioned grad school and I laughed. At the rate I'm going, I figure I could enroll in grad school and Social Security at the same time! :p

And speaking of school....time to get to it! Love you all!!!