Flow - Just Livin'

Flow - Just Livin'
Florida Sunrise

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Key West Chapter Three

There are so many pictures to show you that I decided to create a little slide show, and I must say I'm rather proud of how it turned out, considering I haven't done one before. It even has music.

These were taken at the Miami Zoo, Key West, Fort Zachary Taylor, and while snorkeling on the reef. Mallory Square in Key West is right on the waterfront, and you can see by the photos that in the evenings there is a carnival atmosphere. There were mimes, painters, potters, musicians. Oh darn, I just remembered a picture I left out! Oh well, I'll post it separately.


  1. I do too! It took a few hours because I had to edit some photos, and some of them, such as the pano, didn't really fit the program, but I wanted to include them anyway. Not pro quality, but ok for blogging! :)