Flow - Just Livin'

Flow - Just Livin'
Florida Sunrise

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Safari In the Backyard

Yesterday, I went to the back door to see if it was warmer yet (it wasn't much), and a flock of large pink birds landed on the canal. We had seen them before, but only knew they weren't flamingos. As I grabbed the video camera, Jesse called, so, holding the camera in one hand and the phone in the other, I attempted to tape them, resulting in a Marlon Perkins-type whispered narration. Unlike Wild Kingdom and more like a Bigfoot video, it's grainy, jumpy and blurry, but I did manage to capture them on video!

Since then I have learned that they are juvenile roseate spoonbills, also called Flame Bird or Pink Curlew. Today, there was one alone on the canal, but he was frightened away by a white heron when I tried to photograph him. I'll get a still shot soon!


  1. Those are pretty cool. Very colorful.

    Just like Mutual of Omaha. Ok, I really showing my age with that one.

    Hope you guys had a happy new year.

  2. Yep, we both have to show our age. And the number keeps going up, doesn't it?

    Our new year was pretty slow. Logan set off fireworks, and we were asleep just after midnight!

    How was yours? Maybe I should go to your blog to see if you posted anything! :)